How to Create Giant DIY Spiders for Halloween

Halloween spider

Want an easy and fun Halloween craft you can do with the kids? This decorating DIY is super simple and quick to do! These giant spiders not only look amazing, but they are lightweight, so you could hang them relatively anywhere!

Follow this simple decorating DIY to easily create giant spiders for Halloween!

Tools You Need to Create Giant Spiders

  • 8-inch half-sphere wire globe
  • 16-inch half-sphere wire globe
  • Faux fur fabric (brown or black)
  • 6 ft. x 1 in. inch foam tube
  • 16 gauge stem wire
  • Hot glue gun
  • Zip ties

Assembling Your Giant DIY Spiders for Halloween

To start creating your spooky DIY spiders, attach the 8-inch half-sphere wire globe to the 16-inch one using zip ties. This will form the head and body of the giant spider.

Creating the Spider Legs

Now that the head and body of the giant spider are secured together, it is time to assemble the legs! Loop stem wire through the underside of the spider (starting at the bottom of the spider head), ensuring that the wire is the same length on either side of the body. Make the legs long enough to create three joints. To secure the wire on either side, make a loop around the edge of the spider body. This will make 2 legs, so repeat this step three more times to make 8 spider legs.

Adding the Spider Hair

Now that the frame of your giant spider is done, it is time to attach the grotesque hair! Use two separate pieces of faux fur fabric to cover the head and body of the spider. Make sure the fabric wraps under the sphere edges all the way around, then secure the fabric to the spheres using hot-glue. Be sure that the giant spider legs are still reachable.

Completing Your Halloween DIY!

The final step for these giant DIY spiders is to cover the legs in foam tubing. Measure the legs and cut 8 foam pieces to size, adding an extra inch just in case. Slip the foam tubing over the wire legs and then create the joints in the legs. There are 3 joints, one by the body, one in the middle, and before the leg touches the floor.

For maximum effect, hang your decorations! Mount these frightening giant spiders to the sides or roof of your home and turn your house into a scene from a horror film this Halloween! You can easily do this by using hooks or adhesive strips.

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