How to Make Your Own Candles

make candles

Candles make lovely home decor, create soft mood lighting, and help make your home smell the way you want to feel. But depending on how often you light your candles, you can burn through quite a lot of them.

Candles can be quite expensive depending on the size, wax, brand, and style. But did you know that you could easily make your own candles at home? When you make your own candles, you can personalize every step and save quite a pretty penny!

Check out how to make your own candles at home and gift some homemade creations this holiday season!

What You Need to Make Your Own Candles at Home

  • Wax (paraffin, soy, or gel)
  • Fragrance Oils
  • Liquid Dyes for Candles
  • Wicks (pre-waxed or wooden)
  • Thermometer
  • Wooden Stirring Sticks
  • Pour Pot
  • Saucepan
  • Container (any heatproof container)

 How to Start Making Your Own Candles at Home

Once you have handpicked your materials you can start creating a gorgeous aromatic candle to display in your home! Be sure to set up your work station before starting so all of your tools are within reach.

  • Set Up Your Candle Container

Before starting to melt the wax, set up your candle container first. You can use just about any heatproof container as a candle holder, such as glass jars, metal tins, ceramic bowls, and more. Fix the tabbed wick to the center bottom of the container.

  • Set Up the Pour Pot

Add your wax to your pour pot. One pound of wax makes about two 14 ounce candles with leftover wax. Put the pour pot in a saucepan and fill the saucepan with 1/3 of water.

  • Melt the Candle Wax

Bring the water to a boil over medium heat. Use the wooden sticks to stir the wax and break big chunks apart. When your candle wax is within 110 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit it has reached a suitable pour temperature.

  • Add Your Candle Fragrance and Color

Once your candle wax has reached a suitable pour temperature, you can go ahead and add your color and fragrance. The recommended measuring size for both fragrance and color is ½ an ounce but feel free to play with the measurements based on preference.  

  • Make Your Own Candles

Once your fragrance and desired color are fully mixed into the wax, pour the candle wax into your containers. To keep the wick upright and centered, use the wooden sticks. Leave the candles to cool for a couple of hours and once set, trim the wick. That’s it!

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