Home Stress

bazaar, bottles, businessThe holidays bring family members and friends to your houses to celebrate the season. This means it’s time to decorate and clean the home to make room for everyone, and make people feel at home. But, clutter and disorganization can leave you stressed and unable to find a place to begin. So, what’s causing your home stress?


No doubt an obvious answer. Clutter can be overstimulating and bring defeat when you realize there is no where to put things. Go through the clutter and think about what you really need, and if it’s actually useful. With the items you keep, create a nontransparent organization system that will allow you to relax.

Bad Smells

You may not realize it, but lingering odors can send bad vibes to you. With babies’ or toddlers’ stinky diapers an undertone or your teenage son (or husbands) dirty laundry hiding about, you eventually get used to the odor, but it doesn’t make it any more pleasant. Candles and essential oils can be used not only for scents but for relaxing vibes.


Piling dishes, laundry, or even chores that need to be done create stress. Take a breath and tackle one of the piles – you have to start somewhere. To keep the piles at a minimum, create yourself a structured schedule for completing these items before they become problems.


Naturally, light creates happiness. Change any bulbs that may be out or add more lighting to a dim room. If you have the ability to enhance natural light to a room, take advantage! Natural light makes us happier, and seasonal depression is a real feeling!

The Closet

Another cluttering problem we face every day, we have more clothes than we can wear. Take a good look at your closet and think about when you’ll actually wear that shirt, and when was the last time you wore that dress. Anything you don’t want you can donate to your local charity, and your spacy closet will feel much better.


We may not think about it, but TVs can be overstimulation at its finest. One in every room is too much of a good thing and you can be distracted from the tasks you really need to do. Keep TV to a minimum and try to keep one in the living room, and not anywhere else.


The TV is on, there are multiple family members having separate conversations around the house, and your brain is overloading with all the distractions pulling you from one room to the next. Find a safe room to separate yourself and take advantage of headphones when you need to focus.

Big Furniture

People aren’t the only things that can invade your personal space. Keep clunky and large furniture or pieces to a minimum. The more room for you to breathe, the less stressed you’ll be.

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