Incorporate Spanish Style into Your Home

Spanish style homes are gorgeous and very in demand right now. Spanish style homes, or Spanish colonial homes, were built by Spanish colonizers from the 1600s to the mid-1800s.

Many homeowners like to mimic the look of a Spanish style home as the design is both stunning and ornate. There are numerous ways to adopt this revival style, but here are just a few ideas for both the interior and exterior:


  • White Walls: Spanish homes traditionally have white stucco walls. If you have paneling or even brick, you could still recreate this clean aesthetic by painting the exterior white.
  • Terracotta Roof: One of the trademarks of a Spanish style home is the gorgeous, red terracotta roof. If you truly love the Spanish style, this home renovation is a must.
  • Arches: When people think of Spanish style homes, they think of white walls, clay tile roofs, and arches. Transform your entryway and add some curb appeal to your home by creating an arched entryway. For an even grander renovation, install arched windows.


  • Tile Flooring: Flooring is an opportunity to add Spanish style throughout your home. Use earthy colored tile made form stone, rock, or ceramic to further embrace the Spanish aesthetic.
  • Stairways: Update your stairway by installing a detailed wrought iron railing or banister. This detail is from Spanish revival homes in the early 1900s. For tiled stairs, use decorative Spanish tile on the risers of your staircase for a beautiful
  • Decorative Bathrooms: Use of tile is very important in Spanish style homes. Decorative tile is a must, so incorporate it into your entryway, flooring, or walls. Remember to stick with earthy, warm colors and a clean style. For a truly one of a kind bathroom, consider installing a detailed ceramic sink.
  • Archways: Use of arches are very stylistic of Spanish homes, so install archways throughout your home for a gorgeous
  • Chandelier: Spanish chandeliers are dark and ornate. Check out this gorgeous rustic iron chandelier that would look incredible in your dining room.
  • Use Wood: Wood is heavily incorporated in Spanish décor. From wooden furniture to wooden doors. Stick to light colored woods that show the grain and embrace the rustic look.
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