The Increasing Role of Social Media in Real Estate

Social media has changed how the world communicates. Within an instant, people are able to exchange information, pictures and more. Like many industries, social media is increasingly adapting the home buying process.

Advantage to Sellers

Previously, marketing efforts for a person selling their home was difficult. They would first hire an agent to market their home, then they’d have to wait for the listing to be printed in a paper advertiser. Though some marketing of homes does happen in print, it is ever increasingly done through social media platforms.

Today people are able to leverage their social networks, as well as their friend’s networks, to push the sale of their home. This is a free marketing tool, making it more affordable to sell ones home on their own if need be. This cuts down overhead expenses by offering increasingly creative ways to show off a house.

Advantages to Home Buyers

Utilizing social media has also made the process easier for home buyers. Through social media, home buyers can reach out to their network for reviews of real estate agents, ask for advice on local neighborhoods to live as well as collect other information useful in the home buying process.

Social Media also allows home buyers to connect with real estate agents. They can see the listings an agent has through their postings. They can then message the agent directly for advice.

Advantages to Real Estate Agents

Running your own business can be a lot of work. This is especially true for real estate agents. Utilizing social media offers a new opportunity for creative marketing. These are relatively low cost, where you can build a unique following of clients.

As social media adapts, you have the opportunity to adapt with it. You can experiment with new social networking tools to promote your clients homes. For instance, the picture sharing feature on many sites allows you to properly show off a new listing. Through blogging, you are able to share you view of the market, and offer advice which will highlight your expertise. This helps generate more attention when shared, and clients will feel comfortable using your services.

I regularly use social media and have found it to be a fun way to connect with clientele. Through my Twitter, Facebook, Google + and Pinterest, you can always find new information from me. If you are living in Encinitas, California and looking to buy or sell a new home, I’d be happy to connect with you. We can discuss your desires and put together a plan to get you what you want. I look forward to connecting with you.

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