Law Regarding Drivers and Cyclists in Encinitas

One of the benefits of Encinitas homes is that you have the opportunity to use several methods of transportation. When you own Encinitas homes you are not relegated to just drive a car, take public transportation, or ride a bicycle, you have several options.

Today the California State Assembly will be voting on whether or not to pass a law that would require a three-foot buffer zone as drivers pass cyclists. 

The law, referred to as SB 1464, would require that drivers have a designated space of three feet when passing cyclists or, when this space is not available, that they reduce their speed to a “reasonable and prudent” velocity when this space is unavailable or even, when safe, be allowed to pass the cyclists using the oncoming traffic lane. Fines of $35 for violating the law and $220 for a violation that causes injury would also be enacted as part of the bill.

Current laws, though stating that motorists are to share the road with cyclists, do not make any concessions for distance when passing. This seems to be a slightly divisive issue in Encinitas as many believe this law is necessary to protect bikers, while others believe the law is not necessary and it is enough to use common sense when judging the distance of passing to protect both the motorist and cyclist.

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