Encinitas Realtors Healthy Lunches for Kids

Encinitas Realtors know how to obtain the best resources not just for homes for sale in Encinitas but for healthy living. Encinitas Realtors can provide suggestions such as how to fix up your home before a sale or how you can get your kids eating right.

Encinitas Patch has covered the ground regarding how to get your kids to eat healthy lunches quite thoroughly, and given that it is the back-to-school season I though I would share with you an overview of some of the tips that they suggest.

Packing a lunch for your children can be the best way of ensuring that you have the influence over what they are eating while at school. So here are some of the things that you can do to help them:

  • Water – Kids love sugary drinks but these should really be avoided as the sugar crash can impede their learning later in the day (as can the sugar rush). Kids need water for their brain and body and studies show that they tend not to get enough, so make sure you pack a bottle of water for their lunch.
  • Sandwiches – When it comes to sandwiches whole grain bread is the best. Include protein either with peanut butter or deli meat and include some vegetables like lettuce or tomato when you can.
  • Snacks – Including snacks such as granola bars, dried fruits and nuts, or apple sauce instead of chips and cookies will help your kids stay healthy. Kids are still kids of course so include some kind of treat but make sure that it is lower in fat and sugar.

Follow some of these tips from an Encinitas real estate agent and your kids will be eating healthy throughout the day.

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