Lighting Fixture Trends to Try

Lighting plays a key role in house decorating. The right lighting can set the mood, add an artistic touch, or even enhance the interior design of a space. So switch out that humdrum ceiling light for something elemental, and ditch those outdated sconces. Take a look at these inspirational light fixture ideas and give your home a makeover.

1. Cord Lighting

Instead of a traditional hanging light, try a contemporary cord light for an industrial effect. The clean lines are perfect for minimalists, but they can also be designed to hang in an artistic way. Hang one light, or several grouped together. The choices are limitless! For cord light ideas, check out this page.

2. Asymmetrical Lights

Instead of a symmetrical hanging fixture, try arranging your lights in an asymmetrical pattern. This type of change can produce an interesting artistic effect. This casual lighting trend can be done in several ways. An asymmetric pendant can be used, or you may layer several lights of your choosing to produce an intriguing chandelier.

3. Neon signs

This modern lighting element adds a personal touch to any room. Neon lights can be ordered and personalized. So feel free to hang an inspirational quote or a beaming sun on your wall as an accent. Your guests are sure to be awed.

4. Animal Accents

If you like the natural look, consider adding lighting inspired by nature. Antler light fixtures add a chic touch when painted white, and there is no shortage of stunning faux animal wall décor. These beautiful animal inspired light fixtures serve as focal point to a room.

5. Globe Lighting

For warm and dreamy lighting, add some globe lights to any room. These lights offer soft illumination to any room and they come in various sizes and style designs. Whether you want some globes hanging from the ceiling or displayed as table lamps, globe lights look stunning any way you use them.

6. Photography Lights

Using photography lights as accent pieces in a room will definitely wow your guests. These lights can add a vintage or modern flair. Bring the spirit of old Hollywood to your home, or use a modern photography light as an art installation.

There are vast and numerous ways to decorate your home with lighting. Add a decorative accent piece to your beautifully designed home, or start decorating around a unique fixture. Add some extra illumination, or dim the lighting down with soft exposure. No matter how you use lighting in your home, make sure to add your very own personal touch to any design features. After all, there’s no one quite like you!

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