Real Estate Trends in Encinitas

The housing market is currently in a seller’s market. This means that there are more buyers looking for homes,  but the inventory is not matching up with the demand. The Encinitas housing market is very competitive. Typically, a house will last less than two weeks on the market! Take a closer look at the current real estate market trends happening near Encinitas.

The Housing Market Trends Near Encinitas

While you may be aware that the housing market has shifted into a seller’s market, you may not know the other remarkable market trends in Encinitas.  Take a look at the most up to date information about the market:
  • Home Prices are Rising: According to Redfin, Encinitas home prices have risen over 35% in December of 2021. 
  • Homes are Selling Fast: The average home in Encinitas is selling after just 12 short days on the market. If you are thinking of listing a home, it will go fast!
  •  Homes are Selling Above the Listing Price: Over 50% of homes in Encinitas have sold above the listing price in the past year. 

What to Do When You are Ready to Sell Your Home

Are you ready to sell your home? The Encinitas market is hot and very competitive! If you are interested in buying or selling, it can be a full-time job if you are planning on doing it yourself. Instead, consider choosing the right real estate agent in Encinitas! It can be easier than you think to find the help you need. 
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