Tips on How to Save Money on Winter Heating

If you live in a cold climate environment, you likely turn on the heat as soon as it starts to get cold in late fall. But heating can cost a pretty penny, so you may delay turning on the heat or you try and keep the heat low. But you don’t have to bundle up indoors to save money!

Helpful Tips on Saving Money on Your Heating

Save a little money this winter while also staying toasty indoors!

  • Seal Your Chimney Damper

If you don’t use your chimney, make sure to close the damper. By keeping your chimney damper open, you allow warm air to escape and cold air to come in.

  • Decorate with Coziness in Mind

During the cold winter months, revamp your home with cozy décor items. Lay out some rugs, switch to flannel sheets, and get some fleece blankets for your living room! These items can make your home comfier and warmer.

  • Leave Your Curtains Open During the Day

By leaving your curtains open during the day, you allow the sun to warm your home. Then when the sun sets, close the curtains to insulate your home and trap in the heat. Invest in insulated curtains to minimize your heating bill.

  • Set Your Fan to Low

By turning on your fan to a low setting, you allow the air to circulate upward toward the ceiling. This forces the air column to have to travel back downwards, which greatly helps in redistributing heat. Recirculating air could greatly reduce hating bills.

  • Change Filters Regularly

A dirty air filter makes your furnace work harder than it needs to. Switch out your filter once a month, or if you prefer to avoid the hassle, use a filter with a longer replacement duration. And make sure that you use the appropriate size!

  • Add Extra Insulation

If you think you are paying a lot for heating and cooling, consider beefing up your insulation! By adding extra insulation into your walls, you could save money and keep your home warm in the winter.

  • Keep Doors Shut

If you don’t use certain rooms, like a guest room, keep the vents shut inside and the door closed to save on heating. If you are in a room, keep the door closed to trap the heat inside. For extra warmth, add a draft stopper to the doors leading outside!

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