Market On the Rise for this Encinitas Realtor

Encinitas Real EstateThings could be looking up for this Encinitas Realtor.  There is a sign that the housing market is finally making a positive turn.  A surge in vacation homes are on the rise.  More potential buyers have been looking into coastal towns for a second or vacation home.  Two months into the New Year condo sales in Hawaii have boosted over 20%.  Last year there was only a 7% increase.  In Florida sales jumped to almost 30%.  These are good numbers for an Encinitas Realtor and other realtors in general.  The Encinitas Realtor Linda Moore remains optimistic and hopeful that families will find a place to call their own.  With the purchasing of all the new homes, most are speculating that the housing market might finally be headed in the right direction.  If you’re in the market, coastal towns are hot right now!  Contact you’re Encinitas Realtor Linda Moore and find a place before it is too late!

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