Modern Victorian Home Décor

Victorian home décor is beloved by many for numerous reasons. Victorian décor exudes elegance, opulence, and affluence. There are key décor pieces a homeowner must own to replicate this style design, but there are also minimal elements that could be incorporated throughout the home if you desire a modern twist.

  • Crown Molding

Victorian spaces were highly defined and unified. A key element to obtain this was crisp white crown molding around the perimeter of the room. This small, rich detail makes any room appear grand.

  • Clean Lines

To adopt the look of modern Victorian décor, keep your lines clean and defined. Straight lines make any room appear eye-catching and opulent. The eye appreciates symmetry, so keep your wall décor methodical.

  • Tufting or Velvet Furniture

Victorian furniture had many pleats, tufts, and fringes. Choose a piece or two that have gathered fabric or tufting to mimic the look of Victorian times. If the furniture piece is made with velvet material, such as this stunning loveseat, your home is sure to look magnificent!

  • Floor Length Curtains

Victorian homes had rich, heavy curtains that adorned windows on either side. Mimic this look with a modern twist by hanging symmetrical floor length curtains made of decorative fabric or solid colored velvet.

  • Excess Decorations

Victorian homes were a prime example of lavishness—everything was in excess. From the furniture to the knickknacks showcased throughout the room. Use shelves, bookcases, coffee tables, and mantles to display your gorgeous art pieces and trinkets.

  • Ornate Frames

Victorians loved displaying their painting and art pieces on their walls. And because of their love of opulence, the frames were decorative and traditionally gold painted. For a modern version of Victorian frames, choose ornate frames in neutral colors or simple gold frames instead.

  • Wallpaper

Victorians loved wallpaper in busy, embellished patterns. Nowadays, you can find wallpaper in numerous patterns and colors, so you’re sure to find something you love. Choose to decorate an accent wall with a stunning Damask wallpaper design or choose a simple textured wallpaper to adorn your entire room.

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