How to Propagate Your Indoor Plants and Save Money

indoor plants

You can use house plants to decorate every room in your home. Indoor plants can make you feel better and are beneficial for a multitude of reasons. Not only do indoor plants offer an eye-catching display, but they can help purify your air, reduce stress, and boost your mood.

There are many types of indoor plants you could buy for your home and you could even propagate some of them! Instead of buying a whole new plant, you could save money by just growing one!

What Does it Mean to Propagate Your Indoor Plants?

If you are just starting to accumulate some indoor plants, you need to know about propagation.

Propagation has two forms, sexual and asexual. Sexual propagation is the method of growing new plants through seeds. Asexual propagation, also called vegetative propagation, is the method of growing new plants through regeneration. By using stems, roots, or leaves from an existing plant, you could create a new indoor plant.

There are several ways to start asexual propagation, but some of the most common ways are:

  1. Cuttings
  2. Division
  3. Pups
  4. Layering
  5. Air Layering

Cuttings involve slicing a part of the plant, placing it in water, and then potting it once roots grow. Plant division is complicated as there are several ways to grow new plants from bulbs, tubers, stolons, and other roots. Pups are a propagation method of taking small offshoots from a plant and rooting the growth.

Layering is the method of planting the stem of a parent plant while it is still attached to grow a new plant. Air layering is the method of cutting a plant from the stem or trunk, adding root hormone, and then wrapping the plant wound in moss.  

The way you propagate your indoor plants depends on the type of plant you have, and the rate of success varies depending on several factors. But once you know how to propagate, you could easily save money on indoor plants by growing new ones when you want more!

What Indoor Plants Can I Propagate?

Know that you cannot propagate every indoor plant, however, there are a lot of plant varieties that can be propagated!

Check out some of the most popular indoor plants you can easily propagate:

  • Pothos (cuttings)
  • Philodendron (cuttings)
  • Spider Plant (pups)
  • Snake Plant (division)
  • Prayer Plant (cuttings)
  • Bromeliad (pups)
  • ZZ Plant (division)
  • Boston Fern (division)
  • Aloe Vera (pups)

This short list does not even begin to name every indoor plant that you can propagate. So if your preferred indoor plant is not listed, don’t think you can’t create new plants from it to save money!

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