How to Move When You have Kids

Moving is an extremely stressful life event, we are all aware of that fact. But when you have kids it can be significantly more difficult to keep your head screwed on straight. Having kids while dealing the draining experience of moving has the ability to make you feel like you are losing your mind. Here are some ideas on how you can minimize the craziness of the process of relocating with kids:

Give Them an Early Heads Up:

Kids have strong intuitions and will likely know if something is going on that they haven’t been told about. This is why it’s a good idea to tell them you are moving early on so they don’t get anxious about the unknown. Explain that they will have plenty of time to say goodbye to their friends and that all their things will be going with them in the move.

Let Them Decorate the Boxes:

Getting the kids to personalize their boxes that hold their belongings will keep them busy for longer periods of time and will make them feel more included in the moving process which will give them a sense of ease that they might not have had otherwise.

Keep Kid ‘Essentials’ on Hand:

Make a box of things that the kids would need or want ASAP and then take it with you in your own car rather than putting it in the moving truck. Let your kids pick some of the essentials that they want to have easily accessible during the move.

Keep Important Family Paperwork Around, Too:

Also, bring another box that you can fill with all important personal or school-related documents for your kids such as birth certificates, medical records, transcript, and social security cards. You don’t want to lose important papers or documentation amidst the hustle and bustle of the move.


Those are just the first four tips. You can find four more tips for moving with kids at the original article linked below:

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