Moving Information for Encinitas Homeowners

There is so much that goes into the process to buy a house in Encinitas, and you may get too caught up in the negotiation and particulars of buying the house that you forget about how you will get in your new house. You know, actually moving into your new home! Moving is often overlooked when considering all the steps involved in buying a house in Encinitas, so today I would like to go over a few things to keep in mind when you finally have to move into your new house you bought.

Yesterday I gave a bunch of tips to remember for those who buy a home in Encinitas for the first time, and a moving company or moving yourself is the first thing to consider after you have successfully bought your house. There is a huge cost in hiring a moving company, and there are a lot of hurdles involved in moving yourself or having some friends help you move. These tips should keep you well informed for when you have to make a decision on how you will move your stuff into your house.

The first thing to remember when deciding on how you will move into your new Encinitas house is the economics. Call around some moving companies, get quotes on renting your own truck and equipment, take a look around your home to analyze how big of a truck you need, and other details about your move and your things.

If you are choosing the more economical route of moving yourself, then there is a lot to remember and to do yourself. This is ideal if you are moving a short distance, like from San Diego to Encinitas, and if you do not have many things. Moving yourself is not such a good idea if you have a lot of fragile breakables or very large items. If you have a piano, just try moving it an inch. You’ll realize that those are really heavy, as are most couches, large desks, credenzas, dressers, and other large furniture. You also have to remember to buy enough boxes and packing material for your smaller items. If you are moving across a great distance, there is also motels or hotel rooms to consider too. You also need to be absolutely certain you can handle a large truck for the distance between your old home and your new house in Encinitas.

Now if you decide to use a moving company, there is a lot to consider in choosing the right one. Be sure to at least get competitive quotes from 3 or more moving companies. This also isn’t a decision that is supposed to be compulsive. You will need a good two months in advance of the move to hire a moving company as an expert will need to come to your house to take an inventory of your items to ship so they can get an estimate on the total moving expenses.

There are a lot of reputable moving companies out there, but be sure that you do not get caught with the wrong ones. Be sure to check the Better Business Bureau to investigate the moving company you are going to choose. Also, check to see that the moving company has a good, valid insurance policy. Be sure not to forget anything when they come to appraise your possessions. It is important that the moving company is absolutely sure that they have everything you are going to be moving so that they can come up with an accurate estimate and have the right truck prepared for you.

Moving companies can pack your things for you for a charge, but it is wise to pack your own things. Be sure to have plenty of packing paper, bubble wrap, moving boxes and packing tape ready. Be sure to label your boxes as you pack them so you know what is where. Be sure to clean and wipe down any appliances or large items you will move, especially the refrigerator and stovetop. Use original boxes for electronics if possible, and remember how valuable your electronics are when you are packing them (aka, be very very careful!)

Buying a house in Encinitas will be one of the most exciting things you will ever do, but you always have to keep in mind that you have to find a way to move your things into your new home! With proper preparation and good research, your move will be simple and easy, so you can get moved in and comfortable in your new Encinitas house!

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