Pacific Station in Encinitas Grand Opening

The wait is finally over as Pacific Station in Encinitas is finally now open! This five year long project cost nearly $40 Million to create and will serve as a hotbed for life and commerce in downtown Encinitas. Pacific Station is set to increase the revenue brought in by the city of Encinitas as several restaurants, shops, boutiques, room for office space, and a Whole Foods that is nearly ready to open will attract consumers and businesses to downtown Encinitas. It truly is an exciting time for everyone here in Encinitas as we welcome the addition of this wonderful project’s completion!

Pacific Station is located along Highway 101 in downtown Encinitas up the street from the Lumberyard shopping center, just a short walk from Moonlight Beach. This ideal location is some prime real estate in Encinitas and can even make an owners of gorgeous Encinitas homes somewhat jealous! Especially since the Whole Foods is all but complete, the beauty of the nearby Moonlight Beach, and close proximity of some of the best restaurants in Encinitas make Pacific Station an ideal place to live, work, shop, and relax!

The residential units at Pacific Station have an outstanding location, and are ready for use! There are over 40 residential units varying from 1 to 3 bedrooms and some with 2 floors of space. Flats in Pacific Station with one bedroom and one bath begin in the lower $300,000 range, townhouses with 2 bedrooms are going for around $500,000, and lofts with over 2,400 square feet are going for anywhere from the $500,000s to over $1 million. Tenants are not moved in just yet as it is too close to the end of construction of Pacific Station, but with the official opening of Pacific Station being today, tennants should be moving in their new Encinitas homes soon!

Pacific Station will also be home to a new restaurant that will open within the coming months. Urban Solace is opening their second location in San Diego County at Pacific Station within the coming months, but an official opening date has yet to be established! Pacific Station will also be home to a new clothing boutique Icons, a new women’s clothing store called Twirl, and Bliss 101 where you can find exotic furniture, artwork, jewelry, and other decorations for your houses in Encinitas. Maybe you can do all your decorating at Bliss 101 if you are going to be living at Pacific Station! Whole Foods is nearing completion and is anticipated being ready to open their doors in the early summer months.

Businesses are encouraged to check out Pacific Station in Encinitas for the office space available. Imagine coming to work everyday by the beach! You can at Pacific Station! There is over 10,000 square feet of professional office space available, all within walking distance of restaurants in Encinitas, city hall, coaster train, and of course Moonlight Beach for any lunch meetings you want to schedule there!

Everyone in Encinitas is buzzing about Pacific Station! The grand opening and official ribbon cutting for Pacific Station just ended, and we anticipate a lot of positive response. Downtown Encinitas will soon be a lively and exciting place to work, eat, shop, live, and relax by the beach. Not only will downtown Encinitas thrive thanks to Pacific Station, but all people in San Diego County are sure to enjoy the attraction of Pacific Station. I am excited to see what new stores and businesses will be moving into Pacific Station over the next few months. By summertime this year, we should really start to see Pacific Station come to life as people will start to move into their new residences, Whole Foods will open up, and new businesses, shops and restaurants begin to flock to downtown Encinitas.

It will be an exciting summer indeed at Pacific Station and as your favorite Encinitas realtors, I will be sure to keep you up to date of the progress of Pacific Station.

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