Myths About Solar Energy on Encinitas Homes

Encinitas Realtor Linda Moore looks at some of the most common myths regarding solar energy for Encinitas homes. 

Many businesses have been taking advantage of solar panels to help reduce the carbon footprint of their buildings and to save energy. With the cost of solar panels having decreased by 80% in the last five years, more and more homeowners are taking the initiative to add solar energy systems to their homes.

There are still many myths surrounding the installation, appearance, cost-effectiveness, and benefits of solar power for homes in Encinitas, so here is my best attempt to help set the record straight for those that are on the fence about utilizing solar power.

  • You Don’t Have to Live in a Sunny Climate – While the San Diego metropolitan area, which includes Encinitas, is one of the sunniest major cities in the United States (an average of 3,055 hours of sun each year) modern panels have been designed to account for even overcast climates.
  • Solar Panels Are No Longer Bulky and Ugly – The last few years have seen great strides in the shape, size, and visual appeal of solar panels. Many panels have been designed to look sleek on a modern roofline and are becoming very attractive to potential buyers of homes for sale in Encinitas due to the increased energy savings.
  • Solar Panels are Affordable – You don’t need to setup an entire system to reap some of the benefits; you can start with a few panels to power auxiliary items such as outdoor lighting or your pool and continue to expand the system. You can also use them for back-up power instead of just standalone power for your home. You may also be eligible for rebates, tax credits, and savings programs that can help you offset costs.
  • ROI Isn’t As Long As You Expect – Many people can see a return on investment in as little as 5 to 10 years and during that time see their energy bills cut to as little as a third or half of what they previously paid. Being able to demonstrate to a potential buyer of your Encinitas home can also be a great selling point.

Whether you are looking to make your Encinitas real estate more energy-efficient or are looking for an investment that will add value to your home for sale in the long-term, solar panels may be the way to go.

By Linda Moore


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