Spooky DIY Pumpkin Arch for Halloween

spooky pumpkin

It’s the last week of September and that means ghouls and goblins are ready to come out! Are you ready to decorate your home for Halloween? If you want your home to stand out this year and be extra spooky, this DIY pumpkin arch for Halloween is the perfect weekend project!

Everything is handmade, so feel free to personalize each step of your pumpkin tower however you wish.

Making the Pumpkin Arch

The first step of this DIY project is making the arch. You can make the arch whichever size you want. The creator of this DIY made a PVC arch that was 8 feet tall and 10 feet wide. Of course your entryway may be a different size, so feel free to adjust the measurements.

There are many tutorials online for how to make an arch from PVC, but if you want a truly breathtaking spooky pumpkin arch (with about 70 pumpkins), stick to a double PVC arch. If you don’t intend to use that many pumpkins and you prefer a simpler arch, you don’t need the double arch as the weight will be lighter.

Depending on where you live, you may be worried about the gusty wind. You can place a long piece of lumbar on the top of your arch to weigh it down and prevent the wind from knocking down your spooky pumpkin arch.  

After assembling your magnificent arch for Halloween, paint it black! This way you can’t see the PVC pipe at night when the pumpkins are lit. To ensure the structure is even more stable, pound some rebar into the ground and place the PVC pipe over the rebar.

Carving the Spooky Pumpkins

You can find foam pumpkins at just about any store with a Halloween section, or you can go straight to a craft store. This DIY calls for 30 pumpkins, so mix and match the sizes for an awesome pumpkin arch.

Make sure the foam pumpkins you buy are easy to carve, as you will need to cut faces into them. You can make your pumpkin smiles creepy, cute, or a mixture of the two. Give them personalities! If you aren’t sure how to carve a jack-o’-lantern, you can use a stencil.

If your pumpkins do not have a hole in the back for lighting, go ahead and make one.

Assembling the Pumpkin Arch for Halloween

Now that you have carved the pumpkins and you have made your arch, you can start assembling everything!

Start by affixing the largest pumpkin to the top middle of your arch. Use black or brown craft wire to secure the spooky pumpkins to your PVC arch. Align pumpkins up and down the arch, filling in the gaps with smaller pumpkins.

Once all your pumpkins are secured to the arch, you can add your lights. String your lights along the arch, making sure each pumpkin has a light inside. For even more flair, add some leaf garlands!

That’s it! With some elbow grease and a lot of pumpkins, you can easily create a spooky DIY pumpkin arch for Halloween! Be the talk of the neighborhood with this amazing weekend project!

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