Organize Your Home in Encinitas for Mental Clarity!

No matter if it’s a cluttered closet, a disorderly garage, or your kids room that resembles more of a combat zone than a living area…any type of disorganization in your Encinitas home will lead to nothing but stress and anxiety. A cluttered living space means a cluttered mind and a stressful environment for you. Whether you’ve lived in Encinitas for years or you just bought your Encinitas home from me, you should take a few hours this week and start getting those disaster areas in order for your sake and for your home’s sake.

You don’t have to start with the most disorganized part of your home, but start with a smaller room to get your organized self started. Maybe take a few minutes in your kitchen organizing drawers, cabinets, and cupboards. This is a great way to get going on your organizing project throughout the house. Think of it like exercising…you have to stretch first before jogging along Moonlight Beach in Encinitas, or else you might pull a muscle. Without proper warmup, reorganizing your house might catch up to you and you’ll end up stopping or stressed out. Start small, and then work your way up.

After you’ve gotten the kitchen or hallway closet organized…remember start small…you can then move on to bigger areas like your kids’ room or the garage. You can get your kids to help you clean up their room by making a game out of it or a contest. (First one who’s done gets ice cream tonight! Clean and organize your room in under an hour and get a gift certificate!) Motivate yourself with the bigger projects by having the TV on while you work. Keep yourself motivated by working through the commercials or by putting on a movie you’ve seen already and can work your way through without really missing the movie. Take on the project as fun and you’ll never “work” a minute!

You should end your day of organizing your Encinitas home with a project for yourself. Reorganize your closet or your bedroom last so you can focus on your own things instead of organizing all your families’ things throughout the rest of the house. Turn the radio or some music on while you work in your room. Open up the windows and let the fresh breezes into your room. As stressful as a job like reorganizing your Encinitas home can be, you should try and make it as stress-relieving as you can.

Remember that doing a reorganizing project throughout your home in Encinitas will only lead to increased mental clarity by knowing all of your things are neatly organized. A neat home leads to a neat self. You’ll feel physically and mentally better by knowing that all the effort you put into the reorganizing project will lead to a more organized self. Daily or weekly upkeep around the house will prevent the problem from happening again. Start a chore list for the kids or just a list for yourself to make sure and keep your home tidy. Because more clutter will just lead to more stress…and eventually will lead to another long day or re-reorganizing your Encinitas house again!

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