Organizing and Decluttering Guides

I found an amazing room-by-room guide on Houzz that will help you get your house in shape. It covers each and every room and redirects to multiple pages where you can find more detailed how-tos. These are the rooms included in the guide:

Your Kitchen:

  • Organize your kitchen drawers
  • Clean out the pantry
  • Spring cleaning your kitchen
  • 24 hot ideas for stashing spices

Your Bathroom:

  • Organize the bathroom for well-earned bliss
  • Bathroom storage: where to keep the towels
  • 8 easy tips for an organized bathroom

Home Office:

  • 5 ways to organize your home electronics
  • Avoid the great paper pile up
  • How to organize your home office
  • Organizing the office: inspiring shelves and cabinets

Living Room:

  • Organize the media cabinet
  • Lose it: CDs, DVDs, Cassettes, and VHS tapes
  • How to hide your TV cables
  • How to style your bookstore


  • Best storage secrets for clothes
  • 8 pretty and practical jewelry organizing ideas
  • 10 elements of the perfect closet
  • Get organized: let your shoes shine

Garage and Basement:

  • Lose that old sports equipment
  • 6 garage organizing tips that really work
  • 8 tips for a supremely organized winter garage
  • 12 tips for supremely organized basement storage

Kids’ Bedroom and Playroom

  • 5 ways to keep toys tidy
  • Organize a kids’ closet lickety-split
  • Smart back-to-school storage: wicker baskets
  • Corral kids’ books

Laundry Room

  • Make a clean break with laundry chaos
  • 6 ways to care for your washing machine
  • How to give your laundry a boost


Get help with your house cleaning, decluttering, and organizing here:

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