Popular Decorating Styles

Decorating styles can come and go. If you are looking to switch your home decor up, these styles can be worth looking into! Some of the most popular decorating styles are simple.

Take a look at some of the most popular styles in the United States:


This style is very similar to modern design, where white and other plain colors are used in a room. It requires only the bare essentials to create a simple space without clutter. It can be distinguished by monochromatic colors and simplicity. 

Urban Jungle

A room filled with plants is the opposite of minimalist, but it describes the Urban Jungle aesthetic. Fill a room with green accessories and plants, as well as a lot of clean colors to achieve this style. Stick with whites or one accent wall and choose houseplants that will thrive. 


Sticking with the clutter aesthetic is the Bohemian style. This style is rich in neutral colors and reds. It aims to highlight life, culture, and interesting items from around the world. It is an eclectic style with organic elements. 


This is an interesting style that focuses on bold colors and accents. Eclectic style incorporates a lot of textures, patterns, and different objects. This creates a confusing but charming atmosphere that is entirely unique to each home. 

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