How to Stage Your Home

Staging your home during the selling process is an opportunity to show your home’s best assets. It can be used to impress buyers and even help the home sell faster! Staging is simply utilizing your space and design to be more appealing to the borrower. It is not the same as decorating, as decorating is all about personal style.

Take a look at these staging tips :

Get Rid of Clutter

Personal photos, toys, and other accessories should not be visible while your home is being staged. The space should look at neutral as possible! Try to get rid of all of the clutter that you can and keep the space organized.

Change the Paint

While it is often a hassle to change the paint color of a room, it can be a necessity. Bold colors like red and yellow do not sell well, but neutrals do! Change your paint to something neutral like grey, eggshell white, or beige. 

Keep it Clean

All of your space should be as clean as possible! Get rid of dust, dirt, and clutter each time you clean your home during the staging process. Potential buyers will appreciate it, and it may help it sell more quickly!

Define the Rooms

Each room in your home should serve a purpose. If it is an office, make sure the space looks like one! If it is a bedroom, it should have the furniture and decor of a bedroom. This can help a buyer visualize what to do with the space during an open house.

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