Quaint Eco-Friendly and Organic Store!

My Encinitas real estate provider, Linda Moore, told me about this lovely Eco-Friendly store and I just had to visit!  Environgentle, has been serving the Encinitas community since 1991!  This shop features a vast array of products with one common denominator: everything is gentle for our environment, which really concerns me these days.  Environgentle is where health-conscious folks, vegetarians, green party affiliates, and organic farming’s fervent defenders flock to in order to replenish their closet, fridge, or medicine cabinet.  Greeting cards are made from recycled paper, while clothing and bath linens are made of organically grown cotton.  Environgentle has it all…  organic soy cotton and bamboo fiber clothing, recycled canvas bags, eco-friendly body and home products, recycled tires, inner tube belts, natural pet foods, biodegradable cleaners, organically grown cotton clothes, and a slew of recycled products are just a few of the shelves occupants you can find there.  This shop has become one of my favorite places to shop for soft and gentle organic products for me and my friends. Environgentle is a fantastic store and has everything you may need for green living!  I’m glad that my Encinitas house only a few miles from this store.  It is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to shop!!

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