Real Estate in San Marcos

Linda Moore knows the best real estate in San Marcos and the entire San Diego County, as she has been one of the top real estate agents for Coldwell Banker in San Diego County for over twenty years. Linda is consistently rated by her peers and clients as the best real estate agent in the state of California and takes an approach to the sale of real estate that involves listening attentively to her clients’ needs and wants and then finding the home, property or real estate in San Marcos and the greater San Diego County which best suits those wants and needs for the client to choose for themselves.

Linda is also a resident of San Diego County herself and has lived here for over thirty-five years, which means that she has intimate knowledge of what each city within the San Diego area has to offer to prospective homeowners. So she knows all the best homes and all the best real estate in San Marcos.

San Marcos is one of many cities in San Diego County and is located just thirty-five miles north of the city of San Diego proper in the North Country section. With a population just shy of 81,000 this is a midsized city that offers much in the way of entertainment and yet is not so populated that a resident or visitor can’t getaway to more secluded and private places outside of their home if they so choose.

If you are looking for a home in Encinitas or the surrounding area, then San Marcos is an excellent place to reside whatever your needs or wants may be. Contact Linda Moore today and see the best real estate in San Marcos and Linda will help you choose the best available real estate in San Marcos for sale.

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