Regrets You Might Feel After Moving Out

apartment, architecture, blue sky1. You’ll be horrified if it looks run-down

Moving to a new house is always fun and exciting. Sometimes, if you find yourself in your old town, you may drive by the old house to see what it looks like and to reminisce. One of the worst feelings is when you drive by and the new owners haven’t kept up with the maintenance.

When you put in a lot of work to a house, it can be frustrating to see that the new owners don’t care for it like you have. It can frustrate and even sadden you.

2. You’ll be horrified if it looks fixed up

On the contrary, even if the house is being kept, there will be the new owners that will dismantle your favorite features of the past. You may discover that the buyer has gotten rid of a favorite garden piece or maybe even repainted the home.

This could hurt when you remember all the work that was spent personalizing your home, but it’s important to remember that beauty is always in the eyes of the beholder.

3. You’ll be horrified if the price has skyrocketed

When checking in on your home, you may see down the road that it’s up for sale again. Curiosity always gets the best of us, and seeing the new listing price of your home might shock you. It could even hurt your pocket a little bit. You may start to think to yourself if you had just put a little more money into it, or waiting just a few more months, you could’ve made more money. Potentially double the price or even $20,000 extra.

How to avoid home-selling regrets

While we all love to check on our homes to refresh our memories and talk about the past, it’s like checking on your exes on social media. Sometimes, it’s better to leave things in the past. If you’re kicking yourself for not staying in your home longer just to make more money, remind yourself that the odds are you moved when it was time. The home could just have easily plummeted in price instead of increasing.

A quick drive-by of your home when you’re nearby may be okay, but you should refrain from knocking on the door to see the inside or checking the photos online. Once you’ve moved out, the home is no longer your home. You have a new place to focus on and make memories at.

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