The Do’s and Don’ts of Open Houses

What are the Do’s and Don’ts of Open Houses?

Open houses are one of the most critical aspects of a real estate transaction. If you’re a first-time home buyer looking for a house in Encinitas, you must ensure the property meets your criteria and is void of any structural damages/issues that can affect you in the future. 

However, there are some etiquette rules and expectations to consider when attending a public showcase of the house. While those words can sound intimidating, the customs of an open house are the same rules you would apply to any other event. Simply demonstrate proper behavior during your visit and avoid some mistakes that will ruin the experience.

Take a look at some of the do’s and don’ts of open houses in Encinitas or anywhere else in the United States:


  • Respect the House and Space: When attending an open house, remember you’re on someone’s property! Respect the owner’s space and avoid opening drawers or messing with personal items. Take off your shoes and wear the provided footwear upon request. If there’s a host, like a Real Estate Agent in Encinitas, ensure you greet them when entering the house. 

  • Ask Before You Capture: Before taking pictures or videos of the property, ask the Realtor or host if it’s permitted. This is to respect the privacy of the home as well as of the other guests attending the showcase.

  • Provide Feedback if Requested: Feedback is an essential part of an open house! Often, it helps the buyer understand any issues that need to be fixed before a sale. If you have questions about something specific, make sure to ask the host or Realtor at an appropriate time.

  • Wait for Others: If an open house has several people inside, be mindful of their private space! The proper open house etiquette is to wait for others to exit the room before entering it yourself. 


  • Touch Everything: Be respectful of the owner’s space and belongings! Don’t touch anything in the house unless you’re instructed to do so.

  • Let Your Kids Wreak Havoc: If you decide to bring your children, you must always be in the same vicinity as them. Ensure your kids don’t run around the property and disturb the host and other guests.

  • Be Critical of Style: If the homeowner has a different style or furniture taste, be respectful of it! Furniture is not an integral part of the home.

  • Reveal Information: When you attend an open house, you must enclose information that would compromise your negotiating power. This can include details like your budget, home type, and the level of interest in the property.

Do You Need Realtors to Attend an Open House?

Since open houses are public, you don’t need a Realtor in Encinitas to attend the showcase. However, it’s recommended that potential buyers visit the property alongside their Realtors to find any issues or help them decide if the house is right for them. Having an expert’s opinion is better than going at it alone during this critical stage in the homebuying process. 

Contact Realtor Linda Moore today for assistance in attending an open house when looking for a home in Encinitas, California!

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