Relocating to California

Have you been considering the move into the Golden State? California is a dream location for many homeowners! The beautiful weather, hiking, and booming real estate market are tempting for many.

While the state is a paradise for most people, there are a few things you should know before relocating from your state to the Golden State:

• Consider all the Factors: When you move to California, you might find that your lifestyle changes! In both good ways and bad. California has a huge traffic problem to consider, and some of the most unfavorable tax rates in the nation. While the taxes rates are high, some of the most sought-after jobs can be found in California.
• Choose the Right City: California is known for having the best cities and areas to live in throughout the Golden State. Before your move, find a realtor that knows the city you are looking at. This can help you choose the right neighborhood that suites your needs.
• Take in the Scenery: Some of the most beautiful views can be seen from hikes! If you are relocating to an area with many outdoor activities, this is something to enjoy. California has year-round weather and no driveways to shovel in the winter!
• Take Advantage of the Lifestyle: In California, health and fitness are a part of the lifestyle! You’ll find many different healthy food options, gyms, and farmers markets with fresh produce to use. California is known for having many different food options, including fast food that is vegan and healthy!
• Look at the Educational Opportunities: If you plan on attending school or have children that will attend school in the future, you may be curious about California’s education system. While California has a public school system that often underperforms in most counties, there are also many public and private schools that rank high in terms of performance. California also has some of the top ranked colleges and universities, including Stanford!

What are the Best Places to Live in California?

1. Santa Monica: With a population of 92,000 and an estimated median home value of 1.72 million, Santa Monica is an iconic city in California. While the cost of living is high, the average income is high as well! The city is known for beautiful hiking spots and a beach coastline, along with some of the top school districts.
2. Irvine: If you are looking to relocate in a town that isn’t a part of the big city culture, Irvine is your spot. Irvine has the beautiful scene of California, without the bustle of a big city. With low crime rates, excellent schools and a booming job market, this is the perfect relocation spot for someone looking for a quieter California experience.
3. Belmont: In the Santa Fe Bay area you will find a small town called Belmont. It has an unemployment rate of 5% and a low crime rate to match it! Most of the city is accessible on foot, and the residents enjoy sunshine for more than 2/3 of the year. If you are looking for a beautiful small town to relocate to, this is the place! It is 30 minutes from San Francisco.

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