Back to School Dorm Room Extras

If your kids are off to college again, or perhaps ready to start their freshman year, you may already have their packing list completed. However, there are still plenty of additional room essentials and décor extras that will help make their room feel chic and just a tad homier.

These dorm room extras are perfect additions when the essentials checklist has already been completed. Take a look and see if any of these items would go well in your child’s dorm room.

  • Pillows Galore

Whether you have a son or a daughter, pillows are essential–and not just for decorating! Body pillows can promote better sleep by improving weight distribution and offering support. Bed rest pillows can make working on school projects far more comfortable when sitting in bed.

  • Mood Lights

Mood lighting come sin various forms and styles. Mood lighting is perfect for watching movies or just relaxing. Give your teen some fairy lights that display pictures or a string of globe lights that go with any décor.

  • Futon Sofa

If your child’s bed is lofted, you can create a nice hang out spot underneath their bed. Add in a futon sofa to their dorm room to watch movies, invite out of state friends, and host guests. If the bed is not lofted, ask a dorm resident if this is possible. With newer dorm beds, lofts are an available option.

  • Lap Desk

Laptops can run hot, especially when resting on a soft surface, like a bed. With a lap desk, your college student can do homework while in bed! Those all-nighters shouldn’t be any more uncomfortable then they already are!

  • Ottoman

Not only do ottomans serve as additional seating for friends, they can be used for storage! This small sized ottoman comes in three neutral colors and can be personalized with fabric paint!

  • Tapestry

Tapestry’s serve as wallpaper for rooms. They add color, design, and style. Check out this incredible black and white mountain display or this gorgeous banana leaf display. They can be hung up with temporary, damage free clips.


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