How Power Washing or Pressure Washing Can Transform Your Home

Not a lot of people think of power or pressure washing when it comes to home upkeep, but it can make a world of difference! Pressure washing is using high pressured water to remove dirt and a buildup of materials from hard surfaces. Power washing is essentially the same thing, the only difference is that hot water is used.

A lot of surfaces around your home can be power or pressure washed and doing so can improve the appearance of your deck, patio furniture, and more!

How to Choose a Power Washer or Pressure Washer

There are many options to acquiring a power washer or a pressure washer, you may rent one from a local hardware store like Home Depot or buy one.

Pressure washers are typically reserved for small cleaning jobs, like cleaning outdoor furniture, removing mold and dirt from patios, or cleaning weathered siding. Whereas power washers are usually for more heavy-duty cleanup jobs, like removing hard layers of dirt off brick walkways or concrete.

Pressure and power washers come in various sizes, types, and power capabilities. There are gas and electric machines, with electric being the preferable option for numerous house cleaning projects. The pressure of the water for either machine is measured in PSI (pounds per square inch). The higher the PSI, the more powerful the water jet.

You can easily clean cars, windows, and more with 800 to 1,800 PSI. But if you want a higher level of cleaning, you may require a power washer which can reach upwards of 3,000 PSI. It’s recommended that you only power wash surfaces that cannot be damaged, like concrete or brick pathways.

What Can Be Washed Around Your Home?

Once you acquire a power or pressure washer, you can go ahead and clean all sorts of things around your home!  There are videos and Reddit pages dedicated to videos of people satisfyingly washing many items and surfaces, including:

  • Exterior facades of houses
  • Wooden fences
  • Children’s outdoor toys
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Outdoor cushions
  • Bikes
  • Garbage and recycling cans
  • Outdoor equipment

Pressure or power washing can not only be transformative, but fun! But before starting to clean your home, make sure you protect yourself by wearing protective eye-wear. By cleaning with high pressure water, debris may become dislodged at high speeds. Take precaution, and then get to work!


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