Selling Your Home by Season

Home buying never has an off season. Sure, there are busier periods throughout the year, but you never know when you may decide to sell your home. New opportunities can arise during any month of the year. Luckily, you can use the season to your advantage when putting your home on the market.

Whether you are throwing an open house or just having individual buyers come view the home you are looking to sell, you’re going to want to make it look appealing. You can’t think about how you have had it for however many years you’ve lived in it, you have to think about what potential home buyers will want. This requires some staging and, depending on the season, a particular decor on the both the interior and exterior.


Spring is the perfect time to market your home, because many people associate spring with the word “new.” This works to your advantage, seeing how people want a new home. If you have a blossoming garden, maybe clip some of the fresh flowers and place them in a few vases strategically placed throughout the house. The scent of fresh flowers will be inviting, and could stimulate good feelings in visitors.


The summer season is all about letting the light shine in and opening up the space. Think about replacing thicker drapes or curtains with lighter curtains. This is also a time frame you’ll want to utilize staging. This requires you to open up the space by rearranging furniture. It makes the space seem bigger while promoting a flow of traffic.

Autumn and Winter

Both of these months have similar aesthetics at times. Usually in winter, you’ll want to make your home seem a little more cozy. You can do this by using heavier drapes and textured throw rugs throughout the home. Candles and lit fireplaces are also recommended, as they make a space warm and scented which can be alluring to some.

It is up to you to determine when is best for you to sell your home. Sometimes circumstances like a job or family emergency require us to do it on a month you would have otherwise avoided. In those cases, you can use the month you are selling to your advantage with the tips listed above.

For those of you who are looking to sell your home in the greater Encinitas California area, I’d be honored to help you along the way. Contact me by phone or email and we can discuss the property you are looking to sell and you expectations. I look forward to speaking with you.

Linda Moore

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