Stage Your Property Like a Pro

Staging: another word for preparing your home for showings, open houses, or private walk-throughs. Even if the price is right, first impressions are crucial in order to show off your home in its best possible light to appear attractive to buyers. Below are a few tips to help you do just that!

Even if Your Bed is Gone, Fake One

There are two tried-and-true ways to make it look like there’s a real bed in each bedroom. You can use cheap air mattresses with folding frames, or just moving boxes- dress the beds to complement the room, and no one will be the wiser.

Add a Sweet Touch to the Kitchen

Although your kitchen counters and islands should be completely cleared of clutter, you might want to buy a few decorative glass jars from a thrift shop or home goods store. Fill a few with individually wrapped candy, pretzels, and other little snacks for buyers to grab on their way through the kitchen!

Create a Welcoming Entrance

Many homeowners forget to spruce up the exterior of the home they’re trying to sell, but it’s something buyers will definitely take notice of. Make sure to fix any scrapes or nicks, re-stain and varnish wood doors, and replace peeling or chipping paint. In addition, if the weather permits it, invest in planters below each window filled with flowers or plants to convey that this is a home that’s been cared for well.

Dress Up the Bathrooms

The first thing you need to do when getting your bathrooms ready for showings is to close all cabinet doors, toilet lids, and drains. Pick up matching hand towels, hang them on towel racks, and add candles and dried (or fresh!) flowers that complement the color scheme. And make sure you have plenty of air freshener on hand!

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