Stress-Free Holiday Party Tips

Hosting holiday parties can be particularly stressful because of the pressure to create a magical atmosphere to cultivate the holiday spirit for all your guests. But hosting a holiday party doesn’t have to drain you of all your energy. This year you can enjoy the party as much as your guests by using these following tips:

(1)   Make a list and plan ahead for all you need to do to prep for the party. Don’t be afraid to delegate some things to the guests once they arrive because it can make them feel involved in the process.

(2)   Cook or bake ahead of time and choose easy options for food so you don’t have to put too much effort in.

(3)   Stock up on easy snacking food like cookies, crackers, chips and dip, and cheese.

(4)   Have many types of drinks available like sodas, wine, mixers, and liquors since everybody has different tastes. Have warm options available as well, since it is Christmas time, such as coffee (both regular and decaf), cocoa, cider, and tea.

(5)   Create a comfortable and a casual atmosphere to make the guests at ease.

(6)   Make a homemade playlist of your favorite holiday songs but keep the music slightly low so conversations can still take place.

(7)   Stash away some extra gifts just in case a friend decides to surprise you with a gift and you hadn’t gotten one for them yet. Nicely wrapped wine or coffee/tea should do the trick.

(8)   Come up with your own tradition like a Christmas song sing-along or a Christmas movie viewing.


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