Stunning DIY Stained Glass for Your Home

Stained glass is absolutely stunning. Most of us only see this gorgeous artwork in churches or old medieval castles.  But with just a few steps, you could easily recreate the look of stained glass in your home!

Brighten up your home with ethereal light and color while also adding some privacy using one of these three DIY stained glass methods.

Stained Glass Using Acrylic Gel

This method is the most authentic stained glass look. All you need is instant lead line, Gallery Glass window color, and a design in mind.

By using an existing stained glass design or choosing to freehand some art, outline your design onto the window using instant lead line. Once the design looks perfect to you, use window color to paint each enclosed space a different color.

Once you’re done, let your design dry and you’ll have an absolutely stunning stained glass widow!

Creating Stained Glass from Film and Paper

If you love the idea of stained glass, but don’t want to commit, you could easily recreate the look using colored Carta Bella paper, colored lighting gels, and Mylar tape.

Simply cut the paper and lighting gels into various geometric shapes. Hold two shapes together, leaving a gap so the tape can adhere to the window, and that’s it! Repeat this process until the window is covered and you like the final effect.

Once you no longer want the stained glass or you decide to use different shapes or colors, simply remove the tape and paper. For a demonstration, check out this video.

Buying Stained Glass Window Film

This final stained glass method is also temporary, and by far the easiest method! Simply buy stained glass window film and an application kit and adhere it to your window! That’s it!

Window film comes in numerous sizes, designs, and colors. Simply measure your window, choose the appropriate size film, and then apply. You could have a stunning trellis design or a spring chapel. The decision is completely yours!

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