Swap It Out

Your home can have an effect on your overall mood. It is your place to relax, wake-up, and get ready. Some random and surprising things could be bringing down your mood. A few quick design fixes can change that!

1. Bland color palette

Neutral colors can be easy to decorate with, but it can leave your area feeling boring and dull. If you don’t want to paint your walls, whether it be the entire room of just an accent wall, you can always add small pops of color on the couch with pillow or pieces of art.

2. Furniture/accessories from college

You may have a sentimental attachment to your lava lamp or KISS poster, but it could be dragging you backwards. Holding onto too many objects can keep you from moving forward in life and design-wise. While it may be hard to let go to your first investment pieces, they tend to date themselves in more way than one.

3. Items from a previous relationship

The rule of thumb is that if you’ve considered letting it go, it’s time to go. These are more objects that are not only taking up space for far more valuable things, but these are also holding you back from moving on. Especially if you are to start a new relationship, you don’t want to explain where your decorative bowl came from.

4. Excess of family keepsakes

Family heirlooms are unique and memorable, but too many can take over your home. If you have a sentimental attachment to it, like a specific memory, then consider keeping it home. Otherwise, it may be time to donate it or try to sell it. For pictures, the digital age allows you to upload them to a disk where you can create small photo books or keep them on the disk for when you need it.

5. Light fixtures

Many homeowners are hesitant to change any light fixtures because they bought them with the home. A new light fixture won’t only change the style of your room, but it could also brighten your room significantly. Lamp shades can fade and collect dust, so even replacing a lamp shade can a fresh look.

6. Standard pillows

Couches can come with featured pillows that blend in with the couch. Getting new, unique pillows can help with adding color to the room. You can attempt to make your own, or discount home good stores can offer a variety.

7. Dead plants

Replacing dead plants with new, live plants can brighten your room and add life. If you have realized that you have more of a black thumb, opt in for something that will survive.

For more swap outs, go to: http://www.realtor.com/advice/home-improvement/depressing-home-decor/

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