Double-Paned Windows – Friend or Foe?

The reputation of double-paned windows is that they save money, add to a home’s value and save energy costs.

According to the U.S. Department of energy, the average American home is responsible for 25 percent of the heating and cooling costs. By using new and improved energy efficient windows, like green windows and installing double paned windows, homeowners in Vista can lower that statistic considerably, according to an article in

Pros of Double-Paned Windows

To keep your home in Vista insulated, especially in the situation of outside noise, it’s hard to realize why energy efficient windows wouldn’t be your best bet:

  • Double-paned windows save money: According to Steve Poitz, a member of the Canadian Window Stands Subcommittee and an engineer whose focus is on energy efficient window informs us that energy usage could be reduced up to 24 percent with double-paned vinyl or wood-framed window structures in cold climates during the winter. Although, in warmer climates during the summer, they save about 18 percent of the energy when compared to single-pane windows.
  • More money could be saved by adding other technologies: Between 30-50 percent could be saved depending on what energy efficient window you pick – whether it’s middle of the road product or top of the line in the market model, according to Bill Barr of All Star Windows and Siding from Loveland, CO. “There are a lot of products that go into a good window,” Barr said, who is also a 25-year veteran in the window industry.
  • Double-Paned Windows and its environment: Less fossil fuel will be burned and creating greenhouse gas emissions. If you just reduce your energy, however it doesn’t mean you will save money.
  • Double-paned windows provide insulation: The outdoor noise pollution is drastically decreased with double-paned windows. If you want peace and quiet – it is good in cities and could be a stronger investment piece.

Cons of Double-Paned Windows

As a product, there is not much downside to double-paned windows. On the other hand, issues could arise due to the installation as well as the quality. This could reduce or cancel out the savings of energy that you may want in your home in Vista:

Not just one: According to Barr, “Replacing individual windows rather than upgrading entire homes or floors will not yield intended energy savings. Old windows will still leak air even if you install one double0paned one. Desired energy savings will likely result in purchasing many windows at a time.”

What matters is quality: Poorly manufactured windows, improperly spaced glass and failed seals in your Vista real estate could make the savings of energy obsolete and in fact spear point other issues like condensation.

How much is it then?

“You should expect to pay about $600 for a reasonable, middle of the road window and about $850 for the best the industry has to offer,” Barr said to

“Say your heating costs are $300 a month; if you can reduce that by half, you’ll be making your money in a back short days.”

By Linda Moore

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