Encinitas: A Town with Local Color

Mural by Michael Richard Rosenblatt, 2013. Photo by Yeshe Salz, Via The Coast News

Part of what give Encinitas its unique charm are the beautiful murals that can be found in various locations around town. Whether tucked away in secluded spots, or emblazoned across storefront walls, our city has received quite a bit of color from some truly talented artists. But have you ever wondered where these murals come from?

With no budget for public art, some inspired residents of Encinitas have taken it upon themselves to provide the town some local color. The murals of Encinitas were the subject of a recent spotlight in an article published by The Coast News.

According to Jax Meyers, founder of Paint Encinitas, the many murals around town can be attributed to having a large population of artists and art lovers as residents of Encinitas.

“I think it has a lot to do with the fact that we have a lot of local businesses here who want to hire artists to paint their walls. And we have a community of artists here, a huge community of art patrons here, and just a big community of creators,” Meyers stated in his Coast News interview.

Meyer’s organization Pain Encinitas is dedicated to beautifying Encinitas one wall at a time.

“We want to be the leading pioneer of the public arts movement by organizing accessible visual and live art events that keep our town fresh, noteworthy, and funky to its roots,” Meyers said.

And even though Encinitas does not currently have a budget for public arts, Art Administrator Jim Gilliam is working toward changing this.

“The Commission for the Arts is working on a ‘Percent for Arts Policy’ and we plan to bring it to the City Council in the summer. But we are just at the beginning stages right now,” said Gilliam.

Instead, many of the local murals that adorn many storefront walls have been commissioned by local business owners looking to draw attention with eye-catching original artwork. Artists like Skye Walker, who was commissioned to paint the mural inside the Encinitas Whole Foods, believes that our local murals are beneficial to everyone in the community.

“There is so much value in a mural. It’s supporting the arts and it’s supporting local artists and hopefully making a space more beautiful,” said Walker. “For me, murals kick start a lot of creative ideas and help to inspire others.”

The flourishing art scene in Encinitas is part of what sets us apart from every other town. The passion and talent displayed by our local artists is commendable, and their efforts have truly made a lasting impression on the local landscape. With more and more artists flocking to Encinitas, and being embraced by local business owners and fellow art lovers, it’s safe to say that Encinitas will remain colorful for quite some time. If you’re looking for new home, and appreciates art, there are few places more colorful and inspiring than Encinitas.

By Linda Moore

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