Is a Thanksgiving Open House a Good Idea?

It’s almost Thanksgiving, a time for family, food, and giving thanks for all we have. But is it a good time to sell your home?

Of course, no one would suggest leaving the Thanksgiving dinner table early to go house hunting, and don’t even think about trying to compete with Black Friday, but there are several reasons why hosting an open house on Thanksgiving weekend could work in your favor.

Less Competition

Traditionally, most buyers wait until after the new year to put their homes on the market, opting to avoid adding one more concern to an already hectic time of year. This may mean less competition on the market, and a better chance at finding a buyer.

Holiday Buyers are Motivated

While the volume of buyers during the holiday season may be smaller, the ones who are actively looking to buy during this time of year are usually highly motivated. They may have a deadline in which they need to move, or simply determined to find a new home before the new year. With less houses to compete for their attention, the circumstances can easily work in your favor.

Internet Searches Increase

In today’s marketplace, buyers are always searching online for available listings. This is especially true during the holidays, with increased downtime. Many buyers devote a large portion of the house hunting time online during the holidays, meaning they are more likely to find your listing.

Buyers Have More Time During the Holidays

The months of November-January typically allow people more free time away from work, with many using vacation time along with paid holiday days.  For people who are looking for a new home, this extra time is a holiday miracle!

If you decide that the holidays are the perfect time to hold your open house, but don’t know how to prepare in time, I’m here to help. As the #1 realtor in Encinitas, I can help you prepare everything you need to make your sale a success.

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