Things to do in Encinitas California

Take a vacation to Encinitas California, there are endless things to do in Encinitas California.   Moonlight Beach is a popular attraction for residents and visitors alike.  During the summer there is  lot of great activities for kids going on throught the day.  It’s like a great big beach park for families and kids to enjoy.  You will see the locals swimming ans sufing in the water and visitors laing on the beach getting a tan.  There is food during peak hours and days at the beach.

Another beautiful place to visit in Encinitas California is Quail Botanical Gardens.  Adults: $10 Seniors: $4 Children: $2 and Under 5: free open daily from 9am-5pm.  The Quail Botanical Gardens is dedicated to rare and endangered plants located on 35 acres of land.  It displays more than 4,000 rare flowers and plants with a tropic, rainforest, desert, sub tropic, and mediterrainean sectoin.  This is a great place to walk through and take in the true beauty Southern California has to offer.

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