Tips for Selling a Home: Encinitas California

First step is to find a good realtor in Encinitas California.  Local realtor Linda Moore with Coldwell Banker Encinitas California has 20 years experience selling homes in North San Diego County. Linda markets homes for top value and usually gets a high asking price for her sellers.

Remove Clutter inside and outside the house before you start cleaning.  Throw out anything you don’t plan taking with you to your next home.  Disconnect your emotions to the home and certain things you may feel attached to. Check the plumbing and major fixtures for damages and repair whats needed. Next move to the ceilings, walls, and flooring to make sure there isn’t any major damages that need to be repaired.  Check all windows and doors to make sure there aren’t any minor or major cracks in the windowpanes and frames.  Spray WD40 for squeaks and easy movement in doors.  Then move to the outside of the home and check the landscaping and clean up the yard and check for paint chips on the home.  Before the showings make sure you spray a nice scent throughout the house for any minor odors but make sure not to over do it

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