Six Tips about an Open House Visit

When you are in the process of looking for a new place to live, you have to attend an open house to get the real feel for the home in Encinitas. With the combination of what your limits may be on spending as well as the stress that comes with this, this fun and exciting experience going through an open house could become stressful.

As much as you may fall in love with Encinitas real estate, people who have their house on the market may use the tactic of home staging – which is preparing the home to be appealing for a potential buyer. Other home staging practices is renting furniture just to take away from possible blemishes

According to an article in Encinitas, besides the home staging tactic, author Catherine Crawford feels you should keep a keen eye on these five different things that could be over looked while walking through an open house in Encinitas.

Stay on the lookout for water damage: You should look under the sink, in the basement if there was one available and under the vanity of the bathroom. A lot could be figured out if the caulking around the bathtub is fresh. You don’t want to inherit damaged goods.

Light check: Take a look at all of the windows as well as all of the light fixture all around the home. Is there a struggle open each window? Do the windows have cracks in or around the pane? Are all of the lights in order? Don’t shy away from asking them about empty light fixtures are noticeable and why?

Talk is cheap: The home seller could talk a big game, and obviously will be biased if around during the open house. However, it never hurt to go next door or across the street to see what the neighbors know about the home. They may be biased themselves, but at least you have more than one source.

The Kitchen: Is the carpentry dated? How about the wood on the cabinet. Crawford doesn’t want you to look through all of their drawers and belongings to test the quality by no means, but keep an open eye of their appearance. Also the functionality should be checked as well.

The Garage: “Though it’s never the most charming part of a property, the garage is an important place to look, “ said Olivia Ongpin, a San Francisco –based realtor with Vanguard Properties to Encinitas Patch. “It’s where you can investigate the bones of the house: plumbing, electrical, heating, gas, water and foundation.”

By Linda Moore

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