Top 6 Mistakes People Make When Hiring Movers

Moving is stressful. Once you’ve found a place, sell your current home, and have packed up your life, you realize you need help moving. We’ve all heard the bad experiences our friends have had with moving companies, but you can prevent those stories from becoming you. Here are some of the top mistakes people make when it comes to hiring movers.

1. Waiting last minute

Like every step in moving to your new home, you want to plan. Getting a few estimates from different companies can help you save money and get the best service out there. Waiting could get you scammed by unlicensed or unethical movers.

2. Cheapskate

There is such a thing as being too budget conscious. Getting an extremely low rate could mean the company uses inexperienced workers. Sometimes the lower movers could hit you with unreasonable charges and you pay more than you would’ve for the experienced movers.

3. Not asking the right questions

Professionals will happily answer any questions. If you don’t know what to ask, here are some questions to ask before selecting a company:

  • Are you licensed and insured?
  • Are you a certified professional mover who meets the American Moving & Storage Association standards?
  • Are you a member of your state’s moving association?
  • What price are you willing to put in writing as a “not to exceed” threshold price?
  • What are the dates you can commit to for pickup and delivery for my move?
  • Can you give me some references of people you have recently moved?
  • How are your crews selected?
  • What actions do you take to endure that the people who come into me home are skilled, professional, and safe?

4. Falling for fakes

The internet can be amazing when it comes to looking for things you need like a mover. We also know that they can lead to false information as well. Here are some red flags to help you from getting scammed:

  • No federal motor carrier number, which shows the mover is registered with the federal government for a state-to-state move
  • Movers who refuse to visit your home to provide a written estimate for an interstate move
  • Companies that use unmarked, generic trucks
  • Movers who seem uncertain or unresponsive, especially when asked about their claims process if something gets lost or damaged

5. Agreeing to pay a deposit or pay in cash

This is a huge red flag. Most companies request payment at the time of your delivery. The only time they could possibly request for a down payment is when you’re moving out of state. It should rarely exceed the hundreds, but make sure it’s reasonable.

6. Not doing proper work when you move out of state

Make sure your mover can be found in the government database and they are licensed for moves by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

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