Top Ten Trends of Kitchen Renovations


According to a report from the National Association of Realtors posted in the San Diego Union – Times, almost half of the homeowners are taking on the task of improving their homes. New homeowners are doing a kitchen model project within three months of buying purchasing the San Diego real estate.

There are multiple choices when you’re deciding to do so – as well as contemporary ideas to follow. According to Remodeling Magazines 2013 Cost vs. Value Report, it states that even a small remodel could recover most of the cost of when the owners make the sale.

Listed below are ten trending renovations for kitchen:

1.       Chef’s Stoves: Usually these stoves are a professional grade range, these chef stoves come equipped with a cooktop for a wok or searing pan and a flat griddle. According to Houzz, a home design and remodeling website from Palo Alto – 32 percent of the participants chose a chef stove to include in their remodeling

The introduction of double ovens received an 18 percent, while top-notch features like convection ovens and wine refrigerators mattered less. Considering warming drawers as essential was w a mere four percent of participant.

2.       Features that are Eco-friendly: Almost half of the surveyors indicated that the importance of eco-friendly appliances and materials was a priority clocking in at 49 percent. Green buildings that are using Energy Star-recommended appliances are extremely popular on the market.

3.       Quartz and Granite Countertops: A whopping 94 percent of San Diego homeowners are transitioning their countertops to granite. Granite is still in top at 50 percent, while 36 percent of the participants were using the rising in popularity quartz. Marble received 10 percent of the votes while tile posted two percent. One reason quartz has been on the rise, is because they resist stains and scratches and much easier to take care of.

4.       Tile Back Splashes: The top choice for accenting in the kitchen was tile, but other surveyors much rather enjoyed marble or stone slab.

5.       Floors: Hardwood floors are the ongoing trend and it doesn’t look like they’ll be dethroned any time soon. A mere three percent were posted for linoleum while concrete only took two percent of the vote.

6.       Stainless Steel: Appliances that are made of stainless steel garnered the majority of participant’s interest as it posted 65 percent. Even cabinetry is starting to be created as stainless steel these days.

7.       Islands: For the mean time they’re still popular for San Diego real estate. As much as 61 percent indicated in the survey that an island was being implemented in their kitchen. You must make sure your kitchen is large enough to contain the separate counter.

8.       Transitional look: The transitional look takes different retro designs and makes them contemporary.  This look has jumped from 59-69 percent in popularity since the end of 013

9.       White Cabinets: The addition of white and off white colors had a six percent increase in popularity in the year before standing at a 73 percent growth.

10.   Gray color schemes: To neutralize the color of your kitchen, gray tones to the walls, it has become quite a hit. Since 2010, there was a nine percent growth, while in the last three months of 2012, the number jumped to 55 percent!

By Linda Moore

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