What are the Different Types of Interior Paint Finish?

Repainting your walls can dramatically change a room. If you have bare white walls, adding color can bring warmth to your home and compliment your interior décor. But aside from picking a color–which is already hard enough–you must choose the type of finish you want.

There are numerous types of interior paint finishes to choose from, and they all change the way your color looks. The type of finish you choose will also affect how easy stains are to clean and how surface imperfections are covered. Take a look at your options!

Flat Paint

Flat paint is a popular type of interior paint. It is flat, just like the name, and thus holds no shine. Usually, more than one coat of flat paint is required to create a nice solid color as it is thin. One of the downsides to flat paint is it doesn’t hold up to staining well, as the wall surface offers no protection. With flat paint, you may need to retouch the paint every so often.

Matte Paint

Very similar to flat paint, a matte paint finish produces a non-reflective surface, but it is longer lasting. The chemical makeup of this type of paint finish allows for a film to develop on the surface. This makes it easier to clean up stains than it would be for purely flat paint.

Eggshell Paint

One of the first shiny paint options, eggshell paint adds a subtle sheen to the surface of your walls. Any type of sheen will make the paint more durable, as the surface is slicker to allow for easy stain removal. This finish may emphasize the look of surface imperfections over time, so be sure to prime the interior walls before painting.

Satin Paint

Much like the fabric, satin paint is soft to the touch and slightly shiny. A popular choice, satin paint is highly durable, so it’s a perfect finish for high traffic areas like hallways, kitchens, and bathrooms. This paint type also resists chipping and peeling better than paints of lesser shine.

Semi-Gloss Paint

Shinier than satin, semi-gloss paint offers even more durability due to its slick finish. This paint finish is perfect for playrooms or mudrooms, as semi-gloss paint is easy to clean. However, keep in mind that your paint color may look darker with this finish since light bounces off.

Hi-Gloss Paint

This paint finish offers homeowners the most shine. While not typically used on walls, it is perfect for mantels, cabinets, and other accent pieces due to its dramatic look. But make sure the wall or item you are painting is ready, as the glass could bring attention to dips and cracks.

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