Virtual Reality May Become the New Way to Show Homes

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, virtual reality may end up as the new norm for showing homes in the real estate business. Of course, we are still a way off from it being the norm but it is on its way. Starting this very month, Brookfield Residential will offer virtual tours of their model homes at its new San Marcos home project. The new homes don’t open to the public until this Spring but the builder will be showcasing this amazing technology at the Carlsbad Premium Outlets from February 2nd until May 1st. Originally, the technology of VR started working its way into real estate early last year; however, this will be the first time it’s used on a large scale in San Diego County. This is a great way to get potential buyers even before the models are open for people to view. Brookfield spokeswoman April Harter-Enriquez said “(Brookfield) looked at VR technology to really change the homebuying experience by letting people get a taste of what the homes will be like before they are actually built.” Using the phone application called Transparent House, users will be able to “walk” from room to room through the lenses of a headset. Transparent House’s account director Van Woert says “VR is the next natural evolution in terms of marketing real estate. A lot of these companies are very tech-forward and always looking for, not only an edge over competition, but to stay current because expectations of the public are such that they are going to be demanding technology like this.”


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