Under Water Pumpkin Carving Contest

I just love Halloween in San Diego, and we’re getting closer to the big day Sunday. Yesterday I wrote about some ideas for carving pumpkins in my Coldwell Banker Encinitas blog and while I was looking around at some pumpkin ideas, I came across an amazing competition just in time for Halloween this weekend.

There’s an Underwater Pumpkin Carving contest near your home in Encinitas at the La Jolla Shores. Take those great ideas and visions for pumpkin carving to a new level; underwater!!!! Get your scuba gear and those 7 millimeter wet suits ready and compete with other imaginations in the beautiful shores of San Diego.

Check out the link at the bottom of the page. What more to add to your Encinitas home then a pumpkin you carved under the sea! If you don’t have your scuba certification, there are other contests for on land competition. And if you don’t like to carve pumpkins, get that last scuba dive in before winter, and wear your costume under the water to scare all the fish!

Under water Pumpkin Carving Contest

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