Woody Allen’s ‘Sleeper’ House For Sale


Ever wanted to own the house in Woody Allen’s sci-fi comedy “Sleeper” and the house that contains the futuristic pleasure device?

It is owned by Mr. Dunahay, who founded timeshare company Vacation Solutions, and is now delinquent on the nearly $2.8 million outstanding balance of his $3.1 million mortgage on the house, county records show. The house is in Colorado, not Encinitas so don’t buy it right?

It was built in 1963 by commercial architect Charles Deaton, who also designed Arrowhead and Kaufman stadiums in Kansas City. Mr. Deaton died in 1996.

The house went vacant for many years before Mr. Huggins bought it in 1999 and renovated and expanded it.

Now if this house was in Encinitas I would say… hey let’s take a look but it is missing the most important aspect of a good home… a BEACH! So stop looking for THAT home and consider something far better. Look at my listings!

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