Make Your New Year’s Party a Festive Fete

I cannot believe 2016 is coming to an end. I bet many people are glad to put it in the past. It was a tumultuous time politically. We lost so many cultural icons; just yesterday we lost the amazing Carrie Fisher. How devastating. It was a rough year for so many people so, naturally, quite a few of us will be welcoming 2017 with open arms. Perhaps you want to celebrate the occasion by hosting a party for a few friends where you can lament the past year and get excited for a clean slate. Here are some great ideas from HGTV for a New Year’s Eve party:

To create a sophisticated New Year’s Eve party, use a bright and sparkling color palette for the décor. The pictures of the party in the article display a sweet white and pink color palette. Make your own printable invitations. Make DIY tassel garlands, tiaras, and noisemakers. The original article has a bunch of how-tos for the tiaras, noisemakers, and garlands so you don’t have to rely on your own sensibilities. Make sure to have a lot of appetizers and desserts since you will all have to stay up until midnight. Spice up the classic New Year’s drink of champagne by turning it into a cocktail. They have a great one suggested of champagne with sparkling peace juice. Then rim the glass with edible gold glitter. Yum!

Check out all the great ideas with tutorials and recipes here:

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