10 Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

gift wrap

The holiday season is here and it’s time to start wrapping those gifts! If you want your gifts to look extra festive under your Christmas tree, try one of these creative gift wrapping ideas!

Turn your living room into an Instagram worthy backdrop with these inventive ways to wrap your holiday gifts.

How to Be Creative with Your Gift Wrapping

  • Use an Evergreen Sprig to Gift Wrap

If you have covered your holiday gifts with a simple wrapping paper, you can use sprigs of evergreen to spruce it up! Simply glue an evergreen sprig to the top of the box and use a star sticker to resemble a miniature Christmas tree!

  • Glitter Duct Tape Bows

Using glitter duct tape and some tissue paper, you can easily create sparkly bows for your gifts! Dress up your presents with this creative gift wrap idea that takes little to no time to recreate.

  • Jingle Bell Gift Wrapping

Give them a gift that sings! Loop two bells onto a ribbon and make a bow with the bells neatly tucked on top. This creative gift wrapping idea is sure to put anyone in the holiday spirit.

  • Chalkboard Gift Wrapping

By using simple black wrapping paper and some chalkboard markers, you can make some classy looking gifts! Your elegant writing or holiday doodles against a clean black background are sure to impress!

  • Pom-Pom Gift Wrapping

By using adorable colored pom-poms, you can turn a simple gift box into a festive display! All you have to do is wrap the gift in a simple colored wrapping paper, such as brown, then cover the entire box in pom-poms! For a true holiday look, stick to red, white, and green.

  • Sheet Music Gift Wrapping

If you are giving a gift to a music lover, go ahead and use sheet music as gift wrap! They will absolutely love that you incorporated their interests when wrapping their gift.

  • Bracelet Gift Wrapping

If you have bought someone more than one gift and plan on giving them a bracelet, you can use the bracelet as part of the gift wrap! Loop two pieces of ribbon through the bracelet and then glue the ends on the bottom. They will love the bracelet and feel even more excited when opening the gift box.

  • Lace Gift Wrapping

Using a piece of lace in the color of your choice, you can beautifully gift wrap a present and make the presentation classy! Just use plain wrapping paper as the background for the lace.

  • Tinsel Bow

Tinsel is extremely festive and if you have any lying around, you can scrunch up a small piece to create a colorful gift-wrap bow! Use double-sided tape to ensure the bow does not come undone.

  • Adorable Reindeer

This simple and creative gift wrapping idea only involves one red pom-pom, black marker, and brown wrapping paper. Once your gift is wrapped, glue the pom-pom onto the middle of the box and use your black market to draw some eyes and horns for the reindeer!

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