8 Doghouse Ideas

Designating a special spot for your dog makes your home even more their home. They have a place they can escape, like a teenager, when they’re annoyed or tired. Give snoopy a run for his money with some of these unique doghouse ideas.

1. Cabinet space

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, ask a contractor to replace an under-the-counter cabinet with a hangout area for your dog. Or, you can tackle this DIY project yourself!

2. Under the stairs

Like Harry Potter, sometimes our stair space underneath just isn’t being put to good use. Designate this area as a cute dog room for your pup. You can either use a gated door, or even decorate the outside wall like a traditional doghouse that matches your interior decorations.

3. The laundry room

The typical flooring in the laundry room works out for a dog to create a unique doghouse. If there are any accidents, whether puppy or adult dog, they are an easy cleanup. Just make sure you keep any shred-able objects somewhere they can’t reach.

4. Entryway

Coming home to an excited pet is one of the many perks of having them. Make the reunion even faster by putting a doghouse in the entryway. A neat trick is to have and latch door so it closes behind them, but they can push it with their nose to wonder through the house.

5. Backyard into the house

This might be a little difficult as a DIY, but doable. Instead of having a doggy door, install a miniature doghouse that leads in and out of the house. This works especially well for those with gated backyards, because your dog can go in and out of the house as you are gone.

6. Upgrade window seat

If you have a window seat in your house, that space can go unused. Take out one or two of the bigger panels and keep it cozy inside. Then, your dog has a cute hideaway.

7. Living room design

When you’re adding organization to your living room, add a nook for your pup. Any shelves you install will be perfect for keeping their toys.

8. Add to playroom

It’s so heartwarming when child and dog are best friends. Encourage their relationship by designating the dog’s little area with the playroom. When the child is at play, the dog can join them and even relax with them.

For picture inspirations, go to www.realtor.com/advice/home-improvement/dog-house-ideas

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