Declutter and Make Money

Are you moving soon? Or, perhaps, your home or apartment is just extremely cluttered with things that you don’t need. Well, you can make quite a handsome amount of cash by selling your belongings online. If you could use the extra money, don’t take all of your things to Goodwill. Nowadays there are tons of options for where you can sell things: Amazon, Ebay, Craigslist, and most recently Facebook on their new feature called Facelist. There are even apps that allows you to sell your things locally like LetItGo. These technologies are making it easier than ever to declutter and make money in the process. Try following some of these tips to sell your things online and make the most money on each item:

  • Know what your item is worth. Look up what you originally spent on the item and analyze the condition that it is currently in. After that research what similar used items have sold for on your chosen selling site. Always price it slightly higher since you can always entertain a bidding war or lower the price of the item if you are not getting any offers.
  • Take good pictures with excellent lighting. Take several from different angles. These items which are well represented visually will always sell fast and for more. Take pictures using a plain background with no flash (natural lighting is always better). Take some close ups so the customer can see the condition of the item.
  • Be detailed in your description of the item including any issues with the item. Customers will prefer an honest seller so if there are any scratches or dings then be up front.
  • Respond as quickly as possible to inquiries into the item. And if people bargain then bargain back. If someone offers forty on a fifty-dollar item then counter with a forty-five. This keeps the dialogue open so that neither of you feels jipped.


Good luck in your selling ventures! Let me know if you make any big sales.

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